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Art Oasis From Modern Times

The images I create emerge from an inner distillation, refinement and contemplation of the modern life we are all immersed in. The aim of the paintings is to make sense of the chaos of material culture and present calming, illuminating, refined art which specializes in colour, alchemy and spirituality.

My finger is on the pulse of trending colours within social media, advertising, fashion and marketing. Hence my bright, positive and timeless art remains current as statement pieces which focus on a particular aspect of the colour palette.

My work favors yellow, a colour that can activate feelings of warmth, positivity and optimism. It can be a hard colour to pull off in a painting but I enjoy the challenge of creating super positive images. In my experience paintings of light and illumination are more challenging to achieve than ones of fear and negativity. 

The paintings I create have inspired ideas for interior design, accessories and clothes. One art client from 'To The-Island' remarked she could use a particular mermaid painting to inspire redecorating her kitchen.

Buying and experiencing beautiful, spiritual art initiates feelings of balance and abundance. This positive attitude and affirmation to the universe attracts more of the same into your life. The images also have the potential to activate healing in the viewer through absorbing unique-colour contrast, imagery and messages from spirit.

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