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Imogen Rogers

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland

Lives & works in Townsville, Qld, Australia


My paintings primarily work with colour and spiritual subject matter. 

I have exhibited widely over the last ten years, holding 9 exhibitions throughout the Qld region.

My inspiration comes, in part, from the realisation that your artwork is but a reflection of your inner life. Hence if you maintain, support, grow and heal in your life then this will be reflected in your work.

I don't try to create masterpieces anymore, my life is the masterpiece I am creating...

As a four year old I remember mixing up ultramarine blue, powder into a paint ready to apply to sheets of white paper on an easel. It was anticipation and joy that I felt when faced with a pot of paint and 'blank canvas' not fear or trepidation. Blank paper/canvas has always been a positive for me. 

Although this experience of painting is a standout from my childhood it was full of play, fun, creativity, culture and exercise. My parents introduced me to the full gamut of creative play but did not push me into certain areas they let me decide for myself.

Belief in an inner God came early and examples of prayer and spirituality can be found in the lived experience of praying for a sister (not another brother !) and being answered at aged seven.

In high school I found escape from the pressures of family, peers and study through music and drawing. Lucky for me Mrs Riori, a strict and rigorous yet fair high school teacher lay, the backbone of my dedication to art. She taught me that with hard work, perseverance and a gift for drawing I would find immense personal satisfaction from my art practice which has become a discipline for living life and seeing the world through the lens of an artist.

After moving to Australia from New Zealand and completing a final year of schooling from Magnetic Island I decided to study art further. It was at a North Queensland Tafe 22 years ago,  in a painting class that I  created the breakthrough painting 'Subliminal'. Like the title suggests it was full of spiritual imagery and otherworldly colour combinations. It filled me with a passion, fire and drive to one day make my mark on the international art world. This experience inspires this quote for me 'The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

Now I have nine solo shows, two degrees in fine art and education and personal and professional experience of art therapy.  I feel excited and eager to share my spiritual, creative experiences of and with the world through teaching and painting. 

Namaste Imogen

The highest compliment someone could give me is that my art has inspired them in some way.

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2002 - 2004  BEd James Cook University

1996 - 1998  BFA College of Fine Arts Sydney Exhibitions

2018 - Down the rabbit hole

2016 - Myth Magic and the Goddess

2014 - Colour Magic

2013 - To the is-land

2013 -  Mermaidia

2011 - The journey so far

2010 - Healing Hearts

2009 - Life Inside a Triangle

2008 - Multiply

2007 - Reflections of colour and womanly moments


2016 - Artgaze magazine online (Gumroad App)

2015 -

2013 - 

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