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Continuous Flow 2010

Poetry Book: Revised Edition

Copies Available

Crazy Horse

Hope and sunshine

I've found him at last

and he was always mine.

I unicorn and shiny horn,

bristling mane

under blue thunderbolt

and yellow cloud.

Puff the magic dragon

can see me now

and sometimes we fly together,

swooping down on green pastures..

I am a freedom fighter

and he is my melody.

Blue and true,

I found something new....

hidden in golden box

beneath shadows.

Belt, melt, Celt and Trojan horse-

coming up the rear.

If I stare I create tears.

Salty, sandy...missing him again

like crazy. 

Dandelion Hair

Intoxicated by you.

Need you boy you.

I'm all in a to do

about you.

Albanian musical flute and you.

Blowing on reeves

and wolf whistling while you're down

on your knees.

I'm looking for company,

it can't come soon enough really.

I'm big enough to say I need help.

A miracle drug would be nice...

the kind that catches you unawares.

Like a dandelion hair

when you thought you didn't care.

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