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Beginning as healing

I took a break from art in my early twenties and focused on an education degree.

It was sometime after this that I followed through on my intent to paint again.

I was full of doubt and fear. Would I be good enough? Would I be as good as art school?.

Instead I pushed these negative mutterings and feelings away and started to paint.

It was a small canvas, the subject matter a Buddhist /spiritual figure bowing its head with a sacred crown of red triangles. The colours were beautiful with pastels and flecks of gold.

It felt tranquil and pleasurable to look at and I felt peaceful and proud after I had finished painting.

In this seminal piece I was establishing a style and intuitive approach all of my own.

A new direction awaited without the baggage of other people's opinions just me.

I had 'gone back to the drawing board'

Now eager to explore more.........

Buddhist monk praying

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