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Why is my favourite colour yellow ?

Lellow is what I called the colour ( yellow) from the youngest of ages.

When I expressed myself in that way I was really describing a multifaceted experience.

The warmth and beauty of the sun. The essence of sunlight to enliven the world even

my pure love of the colour its self. It was/is happiness, hope, wonder, joy..... to me.

It summed up everything beautiful and innocent about being a child.

For some reason it has remained a constant in my paintings with many people remarking on its frequency in my work.

In my first year of tertiary art study, Margaret Wilson- an inspiring painting teacher, showed us the visual trick of applying pastel yellow to a white canvas...... the magic: it left the impression of luminous, pale purple where the white canvas was left. I was enamored.....

For many years I would paint the base of paintings with this very same yellow concoction because I was so inspired by this example at Tafe.

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