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Art Therapy

Throughout my late twenties and early thirties I was fortunate enough to help with the art practice of many different people. This included the organisations Kith n Kin and The Endeavour Foundation.

Both experiences gave me teaching and learning opportunities in the promotion of creative expression for its members.

Another organization which promoted and focused on the ' ability in disability' was The Mental Illness Fellowship NQ or MIF for short. Although I volunteered here for some time I also became a paid art teacher. I loved creating a focus for each weeks lessons. Themes were explored like angels, fairies, depicting a positive image of your future and exploring the stars and cosmos to name just a few.....

One student in particular, an Irish girl Andrea, took to painting like a duck to water. She painted at home and each lesson was so proud to show me her latest developments.

I hope I was able to create a safe, warm, fun and inspiring environment . The main aim is that everyone had fun, I certainly did.

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