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Mermaid Trip

I am dipping my toe back into educational water.

Soon on Saturday afternoons, at a friends place in a lovely nook of Townsville,

I will be hosting some spiritual art classes.

By the loose term spiritual we will be looking into some interesting topics over the coming weeks.

First up will be mermaids.... To me they have connotations of the sacred feminine and represent whole, healthy, spirited and empowered women.

Artistically there is much to explore through the colours chosen, different glitters and underwater motifs.

I will also be encouraging participants to take some risks with their colour choices to utilise contrast which makes for more interesting pictures.

Part of trusting our intuition in choosing and representing these sacred beings is getting into a meditative zone through music, atmosphere and meditation exercises.

I am hoping people will be able to start to release some fears and embrace drawing/creating styles which tap into their own inner intuitive flow.

Once you get into this zone you often find parallels to other creative areas in your life.

It is an empowering process.

Stay tuned for progress reports........

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