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Mermaids in the back yard........

On the weekend past of 20-22 May there was a massive portal opening over earth.

Light, love, potential and information was flooding the hearts and minds of people able to receive it.

Basically humanity was offered two doors to walk through: either the old energy of programming, control and fear or the new opening of transparency, free choice, freedom and love.

On the Saturday afternoon in a sheltered, peaceful courtyard in Townsville I hosted my first art class.

The theme was Mermaids but to start with I engaged my class in a relaxing meditation/ visualization.

Throughout the class I experienced an atmosphere of quiet creativity, communion and fun.

I hope everyone could experience the latter door where we were immersed through an opening of our own choosing, creating our own positive reality and spiritual magic.

Continually we are presented with creative choices everyday...I hope you too learn about the power of positive talking to your own bodies innate wisdom thus allowing for the power of immersing yourself in positive situations and a like minded community.

The afternoon was spent in enjoyment discussing magic, spirituality and art applications and then expressing our imaginations through the topic of Mermaids.

It was a great first gateway topic to begin with for this group of women as the mermaid is often a symbol of Female empowerment. She also encompasses joy, mystery, wonder, play, creativity and spirituality. Depicting the mermaid and her world also allows us to tap into these qualities through their expression. I limited the colour palette to the blues, greens with one colour contrast. A few participants chose yellow as the contrast and one bold lass embraced pink which for her was a challenge in its self. Lovely underwater scenes were created through a series of sketches and later withthe addition of colour. At the end of this session everyone had work to finish off at home in the form of a larger work hopefully encouraging quiet creativity and self reflection in their home environment.

As a result of this class many new topics were offered for further exploration of which

I will write further

Mermaid Inspiration

over the coming weeks.

Namaste Imogen xxx

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