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Spiritual conversations

I am starting a spiritual meetup group at a local bookshop in Aitkenvale, Townsville.

It has a cosy corner with comfortable seating and colourful lights.

The proprietor will be on hand to make cuppachinos and other hot drinks.

The atmosphere and mood is already one of quietude and contemplation, being surrounded by books of all kinds.

I am hoping to establish a small, intimate group of like minded people with an interest in spirituality.

It will be a place of support and safety to nurture curiosity of the spiritual realm.

The structure of the two hour meeting every second Wednesday (7-9 pm) will be to provide a space for members to talk about their everyday spiritual experiences i.e books, films, thoughts, study and dream interpretation to name a few. If there is time we may include a guided meditation.

I hope people will find this group supportive, illuminating, fun, challenging,informative and healing.

Please stay posted for more info as to dates and costs.

You will find this as an event on my Facebook page Imogen Rogers Art in the coming weeks. I am also contactable on Fb or my website

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