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Palm Creek Folk Festival

I just got off the grid and out of the matrix for four days. Camping with good mates is so relaxing and good for the soul.... The vibration and attitude of my holiday companions was high and positive. The vibe at Palm Creek was like wandering into a magical, spiritual land full of music, dancing, sleeping and good food. I was particularly impressed with Govindas'- the vegetarian, Indian food stall. The staff were spiritually centered and the food delicious and nourishing, what a blessing.

It was good to recharge the batteries and be immersed in beautiful nature and the smell of a camp fire which invited you to stare into it's flames.

I have come back with renewed enthusiasm and focus for my art classes as a result. It's so important to find like minded people and immerse yourself in activities which heal, relax and encourage spiritual growth and the development of intuition.

Being kind to yourself and learning to transmute your fears into a more positive expression is important. Creativity, meditation, accessing intuition and prayer are all useful tools to enable the transmutation of fear into love, light, beautiful swirling colours and healing energy.

Whilst at the festival I had a reading with a beautiful woman named Monique. Because she was positive, intuitive and grounded I was able to absorb her information and the whole experience was healing for me. If you have faith in the person you seek healing/advice from this can be healing in its self. We are here to help each other grow and learn, acting as mirrors of intuition which reflect and confirm our own intuition back to us.

When an opportunity to step into the unknown presents its self and it is firing your imagination and passion go for it. I can highly recommend....

Peace,love and healing be with you.......Imogenxx

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