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Navigating The Tarot

Recently I had a tarot reading which I found gave me clarity and confirmation on a situation that was dear to my heart. This was largely due to the fact that I had a trust and rapport with the reader and she did not seem phased or jealous of my psychic abilities. Also her advice was full of positive, loving common sense which helped with trust and interpreting the message of the cards. When I am reading the tarot for myself it is important to be reminded that any truth or answers I uncover are due to my intuition and ability to tune into universal, creative intelligence. I lack a through knowledge of the subtleties of tarot symbolism and meaning so my readings can be hit and miss. Reading when you are stressed and/or tired inhibits your ability to give accurate readings too. When I played with my new Rider Waite deck on the weekend I got a bit obsessed and spent hours asking questions then interpreting the answers. It was easy to become reliant on answers and feel pleased with myself when I was in a flow of knowing however it is disappointing when answers are negative and/or don't make sense. Tarot truly is an exercise in creative intuition /application as opposed to an exact science in which lies it's beauty and challenge. It is easy to find a reader but much harder to find someone who is accurate, unbiased, truthful and works with as little ego as possible. It is helpful if you are clear on what you want to know and can be honest and clear in your question. Of course your experience with a reader gives you what you need (to learn) at the time and matches your vibration/frequencies in this energetic universe. The best cards I have encountered during my foray into psychic, reading modalities has been The Crystal Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno. This oracle deck has beautiful healing images of crystals which have consistently given prophetic,loving, wise and positive advice and support. At the end of the day I personally want to receive comfort, insight and the message/reminder that I'm on the right track and everything will be ok from a reading.

Using your intuition and utilising physical aids to help this can be a fun and exciting journey. For the most part they are there to remind you that all your answers lie within. Everyday we pick up messages from spirit on a conscious and unconscious level which we interact, download and play with when we dream at night. Enjoy playing in the sea of light, love and learning which surrounds you.

Namaste Imogen

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