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Imogen's Exhibition: by Barbara Cheshire

I feel quite honoured to be asked to open Imogen's exhibition COLOUR MAGIC this evening.

Although, in my experience it is sometimes difficult to explain or talk about abstract art that has a spiritual connotation. For example, at an exhibition in Italy I was asked to explain my spiritual artwork and not only could I not speak their language, I found it very difficult to communicate that inner essence. The only way I could get them to understand was to say it was like hanging my guts on the wall for all to see.

For me Imogen's abstract paintings have a kind of analogy, in that the way each of us perceive her artwork will be quite different but this is my perception.

It is often said that our lives reflect our priorities. Having had many exhibitions in various places over the past 10 years, one could say Imogen has made the creation of spiritual, colourful art her main concern for a long time. In fact she has written that she has had this inspiration since childhood. However, she has also put in many years of training to achieve this goal.

Although painting allows her to enter into the subtle spheres of consciousness in order to create the example of work we see here this evening, it is here on those inner planes that Imogen becomes fully in tune with the life and love force that keeps her connected to that creative space. To quote her again, "it is a space in which painting is a pure joy for me".

There cannot be anything more worthwhile than this creative space to many artists working from a conception of spirituality. And as the philosopher Goethe reminds us, things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least, quite a thought provoking statement.

As I thought about this comment in relation to Imogen and her art practise, if art was the subject that mattered most to her, I questioned what she received through such a focus. The following is my perception. Through the creation of her art, Imogen has filled her life with challenges, opportunities, friendship, nourishment and feelings of accomplishment. And through the experience of being with like minded people, such as this evening, she adds new dimensions to the act and life of her art. Thus, it becomes obvious that as she paints her spiritual colourful art she is doing the most important thing as a human being she can do.

So Imogen, thank you for inviting us to your opening and the privilege you give us in sharing part of your inner soul with us. As I declare your exhibition open I'd like everyone to remember the paintings are for sale.

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